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About Bentley Owners Club Singapore

Mission Statement

At the Bentley Owners Club Singapore (BOCS), we believe that owning a Bentley is so much more than owning a car. We are a group of discerning individuals who seek more out of every experience, and want to belong to a community where mutual respect, graciousness and integrity prevail.

The Philosophy: Unparalleled Excellence, Avid Passion

All over Singapore are individuals and families for whom owning a Bentley is a symbol of something much bigger: a passion for the best things in life and a desire for a positive, welcoming community. That’s why BOCS is filled with ladies, gentlemen, families and their guests of all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and professions — with one thing in common: a pursuit of excellence in ourselves, our work, our community, and our vehicles.

The Community: Mutual Appreciation, Family Camaraderie

We know how important it is to be surrounded by people who inspire us to be better, and we want to create rewarding, meaningful experiences for the families and individuals in the Club. In addition to vehicle-related events, BOCS regularly organises social events that bring families and community together.

The Vehicle: Universal Acceptance, Enduring Appeal

There is an unparalleled joy in driving a vehicle built to such exacting standards of engineering and beauty. At BOCS, we immerse ourselves in the pleasure of the vehicle’s capabilities while emphasising safe, responsible driving that makes the Bentley a welcome addition to the roads.

The Expertise: Abounding Knowledge, Shared Skills

The members of BOCS are a valuable treasure-trove of knowledge related to Bentley vehicles, motorsports and related activities. And knowledge grows best when it is shared. We create opportunities for our members to form synergies, spark conversations and supercharge ideas to make Bentley ownership a more rewarding and positive experience.


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